About shipping overseas

Introduction of Yamada Bee Farm
Yamada Bee Farm has been manufacturing bee products for over half a century, all the while observing the wonderful relationship between nature and honey bees.
We have been manufacturing royal jelly, propolis and honey, all products of nature.
This experience leads to our mission: to appreciate and protect the rich systems of nature.
Due to our experience in this industry, we have learned the importance of nature and we feel compelled to continue our mission.
With our business philosophy of "for the health of each and every individual" and our respect for nature, we will continue to produce nature's gift of honey bee products for our customer's healthy life.

International shipment process

Please read the following information carefully if you wish to place an order for international shipment.
  • Credit card payments only.
  • Some products may not be available for an international shipment depending on the destination country and area.
  • Please note that order cancellations and product returns are not possible for international shipments.
  • For international shipments, check delivery status on the post office website.
  • Please be aware that customs in some countries/regions may charge taxes depending on the purchase amount.
  • When your order is received, we’ll send you an e-mail confirming your order.
  • Shipping fee will be added to your bill. The shipping fee will vary depending on the weight.
    Please contact us (ybfoverseas@yamada-bee.com) if you would like the confirm the shipping fee before ordering.

※If you accept the above conditions, please proceed to the 'Select Products' page.

3 easy steps for international shipment!

STEP1Select products.
  • Select products and enter the number of each item desired in the space under the product (②).
  • If you are ordering more than 1 product, enter the quantity desired of each product.
  • After making your product selection, click the 'Go to Enter customer information (③).
  • On the next page, enter your customer information.

STEP2Entering customer information and credit card information
  • Enter the following information on the entry form.
    Shipping Address
    Shipping Telephone Number
    Contact details
    Credit card information
  • After entering the above information, click the 'Go to Order Confirmation' button.
  • On the next page, confirm the information entered.
STEP3Confirm the entered information.
  • Verify the information provided in 'STEP 1' and 'STEP 2'.
  • After verifying your information, click the 'Confirm order (⑤)' button.
  • Your order for 'International shipment' is now complete.
Go to Select Products.

Start the international shipment order from here.

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