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photoŁ^Masao Yamada, Yamada Bee Farm (Corp.) Continuing to work "for every single individual."

Yamada Bee Farm was founded over 50 years ago, and throughout that time, the thing we have placed the utmost importance on is our founding spirit of caring for every single individual. The turning point in our work was when our founder, who is the father of our current president, began production of high quality royal jelly in order to help restore the health of his ill daughter, who is the sister of our current president. At that point in time, the essence of our philosophy – that we are here to answer and realize the requests of people’s well being – emerged and has become our natural state of mind. In addition to doing our jobs, our work is also our quest to see how we can concretely make an impact on the health of everyone.

Yamada Bee Farm, in response to our calling to be a business in honeybee products, thinks we should be thinking seriously about every single individual customer. As professionals who bear the responsibility of being specialists in honeybee products, and as a business whose mission is to serve in improving health, we have always thought that even if a request from our customers comes in, if that request required but was lacking deep knowledge in order to be a product, then it may be the case that the product request will not deliver results, which we feel is the opposite of our mission to serve by contributing to health. As a result, we will not create products that do not deliver results. In situations like this, our mission is to educate our customers by sharing this knowledge with them. We do not produce goods simply to be consumed, but from the perspective of being a responsible specialist, we think it is our mission to deliver products that are truly effective.

Fortunately, our way of thinking - producing high quality honeybee products to contribute to people’s health and life - is shared by honeybee farmers and researchers, and our network is going through expansion throughout Japan and the rest of the world. We will be devoting all of our efforts to continue our mission to develop and improve potential new honeybee-based products. So that our products are contributing to the well being of each and every one of our many customers, at Yamada Bee Farm our contribution to health will always remain our ultimate goal.

Hideo Yamada, president. Yamada Bee Company, Inc.

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