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Yamada Bee Farm began its production and sales of royal jelly in 1958 when its current chairman , who is our original founder, was searching for a solution to his daughter’s heart condition which she suffered from since birth. Physicians evaluated her and prescribed that she would be unlikely to reach adulthood, and advised surgery. The chairman, upon hearing this, wanted to raise a healthy daughter strong enough to be capable of surviving surgery. Henceforth began a father’s search for a cure.

News was made through the world, including Japan , when Pope Pius (Pio) XII made a miraculous recovery thanks to royal jelly after being seriously ill. Upon learning of this news, our chairman believed that he could bring out a mysterious and hidden medical quality from the bees he was tending to. The chairman asked himself, “Is it possible that this royal jelly could save my daughter?” From that day on, he gathered relevant literature and conducted his own research. Next, spurred by his thought of “using royal jelly to help raise my daughter to be healthy,” he began learning the techniques necessary to independently produce large volumes of royal jelly.

The chairman’s daughter, whether it because of use of royal jelly or invigoration, lived happily until age 14 but unfortunately passed away after a failed heart surgery.
The chairman was shocked and filled with tears for days upon days after his daughter’s death. However, the chairman rose from his sorrow, and reflected: “My child will not come back, but should I just grieve about it? There are people all over the world who are suffering just like my daughter did. Though my daughter is no longer here, my daughter taught me that it is my mission , through these honeybee products, to help many other people’s health by doing further research and development.” The chairman became fixed on quality in beekeeping and development of honeybee products through beekeeping.

Yamada Bee Farm’s health foods were born in the spirit of preserving the health on one’s precious family. Our chairman and his wife reflect on their daughter with two feelings in their hearts: first, compassion is sparing someone from strife ; second, that mercy is being provided a chance to enjoy. The motivation of our chairman and his wife for quality product production echoes throughout Yamada Bee Farm, and we have incorporated this “merciful” heart.
Our thoughts remain “to protect the health of the irreplaceable – each and every person.” Even today as our products are offered to many customers - we are connecting with every individual. From here on out as well, we will continue to deliver products that uphold this founding spirit.

  • In medicine, the tetralogy of Fallot (described by Etienne Fallot, 1850 - 1911, Marseille) is a significant and complex congenital heart defect. It is the most common cyanotic heart defect. It involves four different heart malformations: ventricular septal defect, pulmonic stenosis, overriding aorta, right ventricular hypertrophy.

Contributing to the harmony of society and nature
At Yamada Bee Farm, our founding spirit of "for each and every individual" provides a merciful and heartfelt essence to the activities in society that we participate in. The following are our three highly respected principles.
Yamada Bee Farm follows in its company beekeeping roots, and has tapped into a harmony that exists between bees and nature. From that harmony, we have created a model of company activity by understanding the importance of nature and being humble learners.
Our goal is to take to heart the sense of respect and awe towards nature through our work with bees, to serve the community, and to contribute to the harmony between nature and human society.
It is our mission to widely contribute to the highly important mental and physical fitness of society via "natural blessings" by combining the limits of our knowledge and strength creatively, much as bees work in the same fashion.

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