In the town of Kagamino, Okayama Prefecture, home of the Yamada Bee Farm, you will find the honey confectionery shop The Yamada Bee Farm Confectionery Studio - Bunbun Factory.

The confectionery studio manufactures and sells a variety of confectionery and drinks made with honey, including honey gelato. It also offers a cafe where you can relax and try some of these delicious treats. In addition, here you can also purchase Yamada Bee Farm products such as honey, cosmetics, and health foods.


We currently have 16 stores in locations such as Okayama, Osaka, and Tokyo. We were once a primarily mail order business, but decided to open physical locations due to the many requests we received from our mail order customers around the country who said they would like to visit our stores in person and because we wanted to give our customers the ability to physically hold and look at the products that we offer.


Nagoya, Aichi

Nishinomiya, Hyogo

Mitsubachi Nouen (Honeybee Farm)

  • Blueberry Picking
  • Gathering honey experience
  • Strawberry Picking
  • Beeswax Candle Making
  • Beekeeping experience

Reservation required for all experiences And some of these are limited-time events.
Please contact us on the below email.
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The Map of Okayama and Kagamino

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Looking forward to seeing you at our shop and KAGAMINO cho.

Little Bee House

Honey bee & beeswax


Lake Okutsu

Okutsu Valley