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Step by step - Yamada Bee Farm
1948 The present chairperson, Masao Yamada, began beekeeping with a local species of honeybees that he had purchased.
The name Yamada Bee Farm is established.
1951 European bee species were introduced to the farm, and bee farming became a major business.
Domestic natural species from Shikoku, Kojima, and Kagamino-cho are gathered.
1956 Beekeeping facilities in Kagmino were constructed.
1958 The Yamada Bee Farm succeeded in the trial production of a "Yamada-style" honey tube filler, and became the first company in Japan that produced honey in tubes.
1960 The chairman researches royal jelly and independently succeeds in developing a method to mass produce it.
Mail-order sales of honey begins.
1963 The company succeeded in making Japan's first "Fruits Preserved in Honey."
1967 Applied for and acquired a patent for "Feeder System for Honeybee Clusters" to feed honeybees based on the siphon principle.
1968 The company was renamed Mico Honey.
1970 Produced the "Yamada-style Wasp Catch & Kill" device through intensive research efforts.
1972 Went to Okinawa Prefecture on a government-sponsored project to teach about the mass production of royal jelly.
Established a bee farm the following year.

Established Mico Limited.
Expanded product varieties of pure Japanese honey, and started production of honey drinks, jams, etc.

1983 The current president, Hideo Yamada, son of the present chairman Masao Yamada, entered the farm as his father's successor.
1989 Increased the company's capital worth to 10 million yen.

Changed the company name to Mico Incorporated. Set up a Direct Mail Division with a membership system.
Developed and marketed a sugar-coated capsule containing 510 mg of royal jelly, called the "King."

1993 Established a Telemarketing Center utilizing the unique DTM (direct telemarketing) system.
1994 Hideo Yamada succeeded his father, Masao Yamada, as president of the company.
Established Sante corporation (now Mico) with the aim of developing the low-cost health food sector.
1995 Yamada Bee Farm Incorporated is established.
Took over the mail order system from Mico, Inc., and expanded telemarketing business nationwide.
Sante Corporation begins expansion to use TV shopping networks to sell its health foods.
1996 Achieved a 20% market share of royal jelly sales in Japan.
Monthly value of chlolera shipments sets Japanese record.
1997 Completed construction of new offices and factories in Kagamino-cho, Okayama Prefecture. Design for shipment to be coupled with production, resulting in faster product arrival to customers.
1998 Released "RJ skin care series" of cosmetic products containing royal jelly extract.
2000 Establishment of Yamada Bee Cosmetic as a cosmetics manufacturing company.
Yamada Bee Farm Inc. reaches a 30 million yen capital value plateau.

Yamada Bee Farm Inc. achieves a capital value of 100 million yen.
Along with expanding operations, office and factory buildings are expanded and renovated. The company creates the "Little Bee House" shop for direct sales of products.
Obtained a patent(*) for development of a royal jelly that contains increased amounts of protein.
*(Patent #2000-303562)

2002 Sales begin of a royal jelly produced by oxygen decomposition of existing royal jelly.
2003 Sante Corporation changes its name to Mico Corporation.
2004 Started a nectar plant forest called "Bee's Forest (Life Forest)" by planting trees.
The "Honey Labo Skin Care" series, a cosmetic made from flowers and honey, begins nationwide sales.
2005 Establishment of Yamada Bee Communications Corporation to exclusively handle telemarketing operations.
2006 Plans completed for the Yamada Bee Farm Health Science Research Center.

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