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Honeybee Fairytales and
Illustrations Picture contest
Most Outstanding prize 1,000,000 yen (general division)
In order to contribute to the well-being and warmth of children, Yamada Bee Farms is proud to hold a competition for picture books and fairy tales related to honeybees. Since beginning the contest in 1999, we have received 26,249 entries. This year's contest had 2,623 entries.

The winners have been decided!
The 7th competition's winners

The honeybee fairy tale and picture book contest for children.

Mr. Yamada's photo
Yamada Bee Company, Inc.
Hideo Yamada, President

In six countries throughout the world, we asked the question "What kind of life will you have when you grow up?" As a part of the question, when we asked "Can you build a happy family," 85% of Brazilian, 76% of Korean, 68% of Chinese, 63% of American, and 57% of New Zealand children answered yes to the question. In contrast and to great surprise, only 38% of Japanese children answered positively. When asked if they could make good parents, 82% of Brazilian, 65% of Korean, 70% of Chinese, 63% of American, and 57% of New Zealand kids were confident that they could, compared to the stunningly low number of 21% positive Japanese responses. We think that Japanese children cannot feel a sense of peace and mental satisfaction, and they have no dreams for the future.

The situation has become serious, as many problems, including criminal behavior at earlier ages, sudden criminal intent in normal children, rough classrooms, and bullying all contribute to the problem for children. The source of the problem is complex, but without doubt having children enveloped in the environment that our adult society has created is one reason. Additional sources of the problem include dwindling numbers of children as well as the change to a nuclear family, a lack of connection between adults of generations, a lack of connection with nature, and the vice of being overly self-educated. Further, a considerably increase in exposure to graphic violence through the media is degrading the educational environment, and as a consequence, children are spending less time reading and writing. We feel that the lack of reading books is a serious contributor to the problem.

In order to combat this problem, Yamada Bee Farms is taking responsibility as a member in the adult society by hosting this contest and deepening our relationship with children. Through the books that are created in this contest, many individual children will learn the joy of reading, and even if only a few, we hope that adults will join in this contest, gain a genuine interest in the future of children, and take action to help them.

We have held this contest for six years, but beginning this year we will add the title of crowning prize. The aim of this contest will always be "for the children," and including ourselves at Yamada Bee Farm as the sponsors of the competition, we hope that we can provoke deeper thought amongst both the creators and readers. We intend to preserve the idea of this contest, and we will place great value on its concept of "for the children of the future."

"Hachi gai no aya to manto ga hara" ? Winner of the Most Outstanding Fairy Tale prize in the 5th annual competition has been published.
Hachi gai no aya to manto ga hara
Winner of the Most Outstanding Fair Tale prize (Grand Prize) - 5th Yamada Bee Farm Fairy Tale and Picture Book competition
Hachi gai no aya to manto ga hara

These former winners are also sold by Poplar Corporation:
Grand Prize - 2nd Yamada Bee Farm Fairy Tale and Picture Book competition
"Oji-san to boku no mitsubachi"
Grand Prize - 3rd Yamada Bee Farm Fairy Tale and Picture Book competition
"Mitsubachi, tomodachi"
Grand Prize - 4th Yamada Bee Farm Fairy Tale and Picture Book competition
"Hachimitsu no tane"

List of all winners

General Division
Fairy Tale Competition
Grand Prize * Unavailable
Outstanding Fairy Tale award * Unavailable
Honorable Mention (8) «Danjyagu K-C- Gonbohori»
Sakuraki Maaya (Sakuraki Maaya: Pen Name)/Akita Pref.
«Mitsubachi Tsuo, Indo e Iku»
キリコカブ (Kiri Kokabu: Pen Name)/Kanagawa Pref.
«Taiji,Hachimitsu namename youkai»
コミナトマオウ (Kominato Maou: Pen Name)/Saitama Pref.
«Kin no mitsubachi»
ミナギクミコ (Minagi Kumiko : Pen Name)/Gumma Pref.
«Mitubachi no okurimono»
ヒロトユウリ (Hiroto Yuuri : Pen Name)/Gumma Pref.
«Haru no Uta»
カワイシンペイ (Kawai Shinpei)/Aichi Pref.
«Satoyama no kakuri»
エノキダマサタカ (Enokida Masataka)/Kanagawa Pref.
«Mitubachi, hana ni wa itta!»
シラカワミコト (Shirakawa Mikoto: Pen Name)/Aichi Pref.
Picture Book Division
Grand Prize - Picture Book «Kenta no natsuyasumi»
ヨコミチケイコ (Yokomichi Keiko: Pen Name)/Hiroshima Pref.
Outstanding Achievement - Picture Book «Okurimono o todokeyou»
イケザキミヨコ (Ikezaki Miyoko)/Osaka Pref.
Honorable Mention (3) «Hachimitsu kubinekko»
ヤマオカミネ (Yamaoka Mine)/Kanagawa Pref.
«Mumun-san no pancake»
ヤノナオコ (Yana Naoko)/Fukuoka Pref.
«Hachigai maruku»
マウノスケ (Maunosuke: Pen Name)/Hokkaido

Children's Division
Fairy Tale Division
Grand Prize - Fairy Tale «haruniwa okawari»
シラヤマイ (Shiraya Mai)/Hyogo Pref.
Oustanding Achievement - Fairy Tale «Hachimitsu restaurant»
トモベサオリ (Tomobe Saori)/Ibaraki Pref.
Honorable Mention (8) «Arigatou Mitsubachi-kun»
イトウトオル (Itoh Tooru)/Mie Pref.
«Frinbi no Hana no Mitsu»
オカムラユリ (Okamura Yuri)/Okayama Pref.
«Mitsubachi Ririn to mitsu no oheya»
カワハラサアヤ (Kawahara Saaya)/Okayama Pref.
Picture Book Division
Grand Prize - Picture Book «Kuma-san kara no okurimono»
ナルサワミサキ (Narusawa Misaki)/Shizuoka Pref.
Oustanding Achievement - Picture Book «Shin-hatsubai Hachimitsu no pan»
オザキモモコ (Ozaki Momoko)/Mie Pref.
Honorable Mention (2) «Quiz! Hachi-Q»
マユズミフタバ (Mayuzumi Futaba)/Gumma Pref.
シロイヒカリ (Shiroi Hikari)/Gumma Pref.
«Tanpopo no hara no fushigi-ya-san»
ニシモリチホ (Nishimori Chiho)/Shiga Pref.

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