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The Miraclous Life of Bees
How about taking a look at the world of bees?
The more you know, the more interested you will become in the life of bees.
We have summarized it in an easily understood format.

A Bee's Family

A Bee's Meal

The Marriage of Bees new

The Birth of Bees new

The Swarming of Bees new

A Bee's Year new

Supervision: Tetsuo Sakai, Former Director of Tamagawa University Bee Science Laboratory.

We are waiting for inquiries from "those who want to know more about the life of bees." Please send an e-mail writing in detail what you want to know about. A bee expert will answer your questions.
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There are many mysteries about the life of bees. Therefore,
there may be a slight difference between the content and real life.


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