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Continuing to work toward improving health by working together with nature.

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Yamada Bee Farm has been producing honey and royal jelly for over half a century. It all started when the current chairman's daughter was suffering from an innately weak heart condition and the chairman began research to find a way to help his daughter.
Later, after various research efforts and developments, a method was created to produce large quantities of royal jelly, enough to be a significant contributor to meet the wishes of people throughout the country. Telemarketing of the product began thereafter.
Currently, we produce over 100 products, such as royal jelly, propolis, many types of honey, and the RJ skin care series featuring royal jelly extract, all met with wide acclaim from many individuals.
It is our goal to make a contribution to the healthy living of every individual.
We remain true to this goal.

Name Yamada Bee Company, Inc.
Location Postal Code 708-0393 Okayama Prefecture, Tomata-gun, Kagamino-cho, Ichiba 194
TEL: 0868-54-1971 (Switchboard)
Business Bee culturing (raising). Storage, Research, Development, Production, Telemarketing of Bee-related products.
Establishment May 1948
Foundation August 1982
Capital 100 million yen
President Hideo Yamada

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